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Hi, please respond if there's anything we can do to help. We'd love to get this taken care for you if there's anything we can do further to help. Please contact us at 888-450-9675.

This is a scam. Don't throw away your money by using this company! I was led to believe that the "manager" would hire experienced painters--nothing was said about off-the-street college students who knew nothing about painting. The "manager" was petulant, condescending, whiny, argumentative and surly by turns. He was capable of decent work, but would not listen to me--he painted on a dirty, poorly-prepared surface...and then was not exactly forthcoming about what he had accomplished. He skipped two strips of trim that I can't reach because I don't have a long ladder--my reason for having someone else paint in the first place. I just discovered patio portions that not only were not painted, they were never even washed. (Fortunately, "all" I had them paint were under eaves, trim and the patio. I can't imagine what they could have done to the rest of the house.)

Plastic sheeting and sufficient drop cloths were not put down. Paint chips extend from the street to every side of the lot. The "manager" refused to clean them up. There are paint drips on concrete surfaces, on the roof and on a window screen. My advice to have a damp cloth at hand to wipe up drips or paint on the adjacent color was ignored.

The totally inexperienced helper was not supervised at all by the "manager," who somehow couldn't see yellow paint on a white surface...or white paint on a yellow surface...or the lack of primer on a "missed" area. They painted in direct sun (and "reviewed" their work also in direct sun), used the wrong type of rollers for wood, and only had one size paintbrush. Their painting did not cover the surfaces they were supposed to be painting. They wasted paint by not covering paint cans and by leaving roller trays untended for lengths of time.

Now it's up to me to correct their sloppiness (in other words, repaint almost everything; scrub paint drips off concrete, using a wire brush; spray paint a section of gray flashing that is now yellow; and spend years picking up paint chips)--not what I had in mind when I paid someone else a lot of money to do a task that really needed doing.

This company is apparently not interested in doing a good painting job. It seems only to be interested in giving college kids summer employment and extracting huge sums from unsuspecting customers. Preparation was poor. Painting was poor. Sloppiness was rampant. The fact that the goal of the "manager" is to receive a recommendation is bizarre! The goal should be an excellent painting job.

Get yourself a licensed local painter with good credentials...and whose work you can see for yourself! Avoid this company!

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Update: It's been 11 months since these people were at my house.It cost $460 to repair the electrical damage they caused.

They DID send me a 16' extension ladder a few months later--after it was too cold to paint. The paint on the under side of the eaves has already cracked and is peeling--improper preparation, terrible painting. These people will tell you that the company is licensed. It may be...but with their permission, any yokel off the street or anywhere else can paint for them.

Save your money.Hire an experienced, licensed painter so that you don't have to spend many months--disrupting your life further--correcting a job that should have been good in the first place.


This company is the least bit professional Frank. It's a shame what this business does to their employees, I was hired and then ripped off with my pay checks and scheduling.Your managing staff is pathetic, and highly UNprofessional. I would go around and market for your business next summer, like i did this summer, but tell every house i went to, to only let them know that this company is a joke and that they would rather spend the extra hundred bucks and have a real business paint their homes.


“Hello this is Frank with College Works Painting.College Works Painting paints over 10,000 homes a year and most customers give us very positive customer satisfaction ratings.

I am a customer service resolutions representative and would like to personally resolve any of the challenges you are dealing with on this project.Unfortunately there is no reference made to customer contact info or location so you can reach me directly at 888-450-9675, extension 310 and I will expedite a resolution on this matter.”


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