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Hi, please respond if there's anything we can do to help. We'd love to get this taken care for you if there's anything we can do further to help. Please contact us at 888-450-9675.

We used College Works Painting for our house.This paint job represents our house, and we should not have skimped on money for such an important thing. We will know in future!!!

Like everyone, we wanted to not only save money, but support college students who are looking to make a bit of money over the summer (our kids will be college students in the near future, but we would not encourage them to work for an outfit like this.) Like everyone who have used this company seems to have experienced(should have visited this site first), they really never had a plan with regard to a 'crew'. The job tooks weeks longer than expected and my husband was 'on them' as much as he could be with email and timelines. They did not seem to care though. The main guy said that he would have 4 people working on our house for most of time.

In reality though, it was mainly him. He wanted to make all the money for himself and would only hire others if he had too. Most days there was just him and others there might have been one or two more. Our concern with just him was the fact that the ladders were so heavy and he could hardily move them (worried he was going to go through a window with it).

Cleanup and walkaround was supposed to be done daily, although they seemed to go home before my husband returned from work, so no walk around and update could be done. Although they did return all their paint pots/sprayers/pressure washer to one spot every night, the ladders were strewn all over the grass. They had no respect for our garden and planting at all. We gave them popsicles and water/soda as some days were very hot.

They threw their rappers on the garden. They used our bathroom etc, I am glad that I did not realise at the time that some of these people might not have been cosha!. In all, satisfactory job. I can see in some spots of house though that they have not sprayed as hard in this area, so we have some lighter areas.

When I told my husband, he said we only paid for one coat of paint and so there was nothing we could do about it!!! We were never contacted by anyone at the company. We were given all this talk about the fact that it was warranted, but we gave our money to this guy and paid him at the end too. We never had anything from any head office confirming anything, so do not know whether he pocketed this money for himself (although we did do credit card to College Works Painting), or who we would go back to if we needed to make a claim on the 2 year paint job.

Also, I would say they skimped on paint. Only really ever bought one can at a time and used that up before going and buying more.

I would never use again. It took us a long time to get garden back into shape.

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"Hello this is Frank with College Works Painting. College Works Painting paints over 10,000 homes a year and most customers give us very positive customer satisfaction ratings.

I am a customer service resolutions representative and would like to personally resolve any of the challenges you are dealing with on this project. "

It is quite possible you got a group that was not representing the standards of the company.

1 0r 2 guys painting a home is not good. I did not see a reference made to customer relations so you can reach me directly at 888-450-9675, extension 310 and I will expedite a resolution on this matter."


Want to know why this company does such a horrible job? Their management sucks!

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