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Matt, I spoked with our customer service team and it looks like we put you on the warranty list to get this taken care of for you. We appreciate you working with us on this and we look forward to getting everything taken care of for you.
Cedarburg, Wisconsin
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Letter sent to College works with NO response.

Please find below comments on my experience with College Works. Nathen (project manager) explained the process to me, and as a business owner for over 10-years, I thought it was a great idea for college kids to experience. I could even share my business experience with him, which we tried. Boy, was I wrong. Half way into it, it felt like a marketing scam since everything he pitched that he would do, did not happen.


1. Promised they would power wash prior to painting. Did not powers wash the wood prior to painting? I know this for a fact. The first day they spent 4 hours power washing and told me they did the whole house. I have a 4,500 SF house that needed attention.

2. Painted over green and black exterior mold that was not power washed.

3. Spilled liquid humming bird food on the deck from a feeder and painted right over the wet liquid, yes right over the wet liquid.

4. Painted over dry flaking wood, which the new paint fell off the next day showing they did not power wash that part of the house.

5. Had numerous discussions with the project manager to prep the house properly. He also preached how prep is 80% of the project and is very important before I signed the contract.

6. Stated they put two coats of paint on because the wood absorbed the paint so fast. However, they supposedly put the two coats on at the same time. Really?

7. Missed painting the primed wood on the west side fascia. I do not want them back for fear of damaging more stuff around the house.

8. Damage multiple cedar shingles that now need to be repaired.

9. Damaged my personal property. See “The painters slopped paint on the following”

10. Killed numerous plants and damages shrub.

11. All the garbage from the project was left in my front yard for over three weeks. 10 five gallon buckets, three large black garbage bags, supplies, etc. I had to remove it all 3 weeks later.

12. Paint on my security camera lenses.

The painters slopped paint on the following:

1. Concrete around the house

2. Flowers

3. Grill Cover (now junk and had to replace)

4. Patio furniture – not sure what to do with it

5. Porch Screens (Had to replace all screens)

6. Windows

7. Windows frame

8. Porch metal railing

9. Bird feeders

10. Paint on cedar shingles

11. Stones in the flower gardens

12. etc.

Per your website, here is a summary of the exterior painting process:

• Get rid of loose paint, grime and whichever particles that could be caked to your own home using specialized power-washing equipment. DID NOT HAPPEN!

• Scrape and sand all paint that is peeling. DID NOT HAPPEN

• Supplant any corroded or damaged edges. N/A

• Fill holes and cracks with commercial grade caulking compound to guard your home. DID NOT HAPPEN, EVEN AFTER I POINTED OUT CRACKS AND HOLES

• Mask off and safeguard all exterior areas. REALLY! DID NOT HAPPEN.

So now I had to fix/replace many personal items around the house and also had to buy more paint to repaint the portions of the house they missed or did an inferior job on. In addition:

• I also had to remove the screen from the porch and replace all of it. This took me two full days of my time and about $130 in materials.

• I need to have a roofer come out and look at the roof for damage to the shingles.............and repair the broken or loose cedar shingles that are now broken from the painters walking all over the roof.

• I had to buy a new grill cover.

• I will have to replace some of the patio furniture.

• I will have to plant new plants next year.

• I will have to replace stones around the flower garden

I explained my concerns to the project manager many times, even letting him know when his staff left early. I sent text message to him; I put letters outside under his supply tarp; and I discussed a lot of my concerns with him on the phone and in person.

Now that I am done working on the house, and winter is here, I feel you should be made aware of this situation because I do not want someone else to have to go through what I did. If your sales people are going to promise something, they better do it. In this competitive market, it is the quality that stands out, not the price. The bottom line is I am not happy at all with the quality of work and am totally convinced the paint will come off in a year or two. I do not appreciate me having to spend money and my time repairing the mistake your staff made. I spent a lot of money replacing damaged (painted) personal items, time fixing items with paint on them, and painting portions of the house that were missed. I am sure this will continue for the next couple of year as I find more mistakes. I spent a lot of money on this paint job and now the cost keeps going up.

Review about: College Works Painting Painting.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1450.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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