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We are very sorry about yours and your daughter's experience with our company. I would like to help you in any way possible with this situation and making sure your daughter is properly compensated. Everything you have said is very reasonable and we'd like to get this worked out for you. My name is Jason and I can be reached at 888-450-9675 or at You didn't leave your contact information here so I don't have a way of knowing who you are or how to contact you. I hope to hear from you soon.

Also, we would like to clarify that it is a company policy that we DO NOT purchase alcohol for any of our Interns, whether they are of age or not at our payroll events.
Thank you.

My daughter was an "intern" for College Works Painting. As her parents, we were concerned for her and asked her MANY questions early on (January) about her role, how things are paid for, how can she give estimates on something that she knows nothing about, will she have time to keep up her grades during the school year, what about license / bond, who teaches safety, etc.

For ALL of our questions she told us that she learns as she goes, she kept telling us that she has training throughout the entire school year so that she can learn the business, they had her believing that they would be supportive and that this was such an amazing opportunity ...we were not convinced that this was legit but we figured it would be a good learning experience....then in February she tells us that she has to drive home EVERY weekend to do marketing and give painting estimates. I had a few big concerns with this...first, shouldn't my freshman college student be studying on the weekends? Second, how can my freshman college student afford gas to drive 280 miles round trip EVERY weekend (not including all of the driving while marketing), and it really safe for my teenage girl to be doing door to door marketing? I found out quickly that College Works does not care about any of the above.

My daughters grades dropped drastically and when she really started to worry and she asked for a weekend off to study for finals they told her 'absolutely not', she had several meetings every week after classes to be at for College Works, then be home every weekend so who has time to study? She drove her car into the ground and when she asked about how she can pay for the gas money, they told her she can "write it off on her taxes"...yea, because teenagers get lots of write offs...seriously?!?! She spent SO much money on gas, office supplies, crew kit, etc., and after painting and working her butt off, she has only made $300 from College Works and that was from a draw that she took. They held all of the profit from her paint jobs until her crew kit (ladders, paint sprayer, etc)was paid off ($2000 which they DON'T mention in the beginning), now my child has missed family vacations, family dinners, family boat trips, friends, etc., and the only thing she has to show for it is a destroyed car, a couple of ladders, a paint sprayer, and $300.

Is it even legal to require these kids to work every weekend and attend meetings / training and not pay them minimum wage? I thought Oregon required minimum wage? I will be asking the Department of Labor tomorrow. Oh...and one more thing...I REALLY do not think it is responsible for the district manager (Barry) to be buying my 19 year old daughter alcohol at one of his "Payroll Friday" events.

Thanks Barry! College Works Painting is a complete scam and I just don't know how they live with themselves treating these kids this way.

I am the first to agree that my daughter chose to do this even after our MANY repeated requests for her to quit, but I am just not sure it is legal to work them like this and not pay them at the very least minimum wage.

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I didn't have an experience like that at all... I was an intern in Washington State last year and I found that my district manager gave me the support that I needed and actually advised me to put school first.

As for the territory I worked in, I chose to work really close to my school so paying for gas wasn't a big deal. Overall I had a positive experience but I'm sorry to hear about what happened with your daughter.


What an expensive lesson for your daughter. Does she not realize that having something like being an intern with a paint crew is not exactly something to proudly put on your resume.

Honestly, she would have been better off being a waitress because she would have had a set schedule and left work each shift with cash tips in her pocket.

If I were you, I would contact a local news station or local newspaper, they using have consumer investigators and can do an expose on this organization. I would file with the BBB and also file a complaint with the Attorney General's Office. Get the world out so others don't fall victim to these people.

As far as them not paying your daughter minimum wage, I am sure they had her sign something stating she was a 1099 independent contractor.

But people have successfully sued companies for pulling this stunt before.

If she signed off agreeing that she was not an actual employee, you can legally argue that they treated her like one by making her attend meetings, making her perform duties on her own time, etc.

Go after them!


Sorry to hear about your daughter but the interns that "work" for this company are complete bozos themselves, they are not professional at all they short everyone's hours after long 10-14 hour days don't have a valid excuse of why other than what one intern said "I'm an intern I'm in charge I'm the boss and interns do not have to work" I called human resources endlessly and they still have not corrected my checks and paid me and a fellow painter, they told the other painter he did not have his check yet "total lie" bc I saw his check with my own eyes when I picked mine up. Guess they jus wanted to hold his money for several days, one intern completely ignored the client when they were told by him to give the client a walk through at the end of every day to update them on the wrk being done the house was three weeks behind schedule and the intern would leave n not show up for days and would go out on his shift with friends n hangout while the painter n I did all the wrk and still managed to short my check every single pay period and claim I did not wrk those hours. These interns are a home to wrk in the real life and can't believe how much they think they got it down unbelievable !


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