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I am very sorry to hear about your experience with our company. I appreciate your patience in our response, we just got access to respond to comments on Pissed Consumer. Customer service is our highest priority and we strive to do a great job for every customer. Your concerns and your complaints are totally understandable and I’d love to help you out in any way possible. How can we best contact you?
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I was first approached by the "manager"; and eager youth who sold me on her ability to manage a paint crew. I have an 1800's victorian home so it was a lead paint job (i have three small children).

The painters were to follow strict guidelines for working with lead-paint and they did not follow ANY of the laws except not to use a sander. They were supposed to scrape all loose paint then give a full coat of peel-bond before putting on color. When we came home from work the first say they had not prepped a thing, had not put on the peel bond and instead were just spraying paint over the totally unprepped surface!! The manager was not there like she said she would be and this was the start of a three month NIGHTMARE for our family.

We suffered through cigeratte butts and lead paint ships in our gardens and walk-ways, broken windows, overspray paint on all the windows and roof, drops of paint on the porch and deck. Every day was a fight with the workers to do quality work and the manager was never there to help us. We ended up "managing" the crew for THREE MONTHS and as of today the say that they are done and want the final check but they have not even put the gutters back on and even used the wrong paint in a bunch of places. THe "manager" was whining to me on the phone today about how "the crew does not want to come back becasue the job was so much harder than they thought that she would have to hire "professional" painters to come in and finish the job".

During this process I even contacted the "district manager" who came to the house and could not beleive what a horrible job they were doing, left and was not help to us. I wanted to give these folks a chance - I work full-time have three small children and am in graduate school and like to help people who are helping themselves.

I feel totally scammed by College Works Painting. PLEASE do not hire them - they deserve to go out of business.

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Reason of review: Bad quality.

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You should blame yourself! Its up to u to hire a certified contractor to remove lead paint!

Thats what u get for going cheap!!!!!!!!!! :grin


They scam and short there workers hours tell them the can't recieve a bonus for incentive to beat budgets it all bull *** u never see more than minimum wage period. Effiency bonus my *** :(


"I was a college works manager and sometimes this type of thing is a hard internship and u have to be on every aspect of your game to do well at it. Some people just don't have it in them. I'm sorry this happened to you." (Zach)

Who cares if it is a hard internship, do the job your hired for and quit whining.


andy you are so full of it, i worked for you guys and it is the biggest scam opperation i have ever seen. your office wont do a dang thing, so i dont even know why you posted the number. go get a "REAL" job and quit scamming people


I'm a College Works manager now, and the person you dealt with should not have been touching your house. We learned about how to handle lead paint on day ONE.

I have a customer that may be a lead job, and if the test results come back positive, the job gets passed on to EXPERTS who have the special materials and training to deal with that sort of thing: special carbide scrapers that don't kick up as much dust, a 10-15' radius of plastic sheeting around the property, HEPA-filtered vacuums for paint chips, and full suits & respirators. Granted, I won't get paid much for that job, which could explain why the manager you were working with acted so irresponsibly, but I'd prefer that to endangering myself, my painters, my customers, and the environment. I'm sorry your division hired such an immature child who ignored the dangers of lead paint, as well as company policy on how to handle the situation, in order to book a job.

If your post date at all coincides with the date the work was "done", I would urge you to contact the main office at (888) 450-9675 and explain the situation.

The 2-year (or 5-year with 2 coats, which a lead job should have been) guarantee, which covers both paint and labor, should still stand, and this needs to be set right. It won't be the intern you worked with, or any intern, but lead specialists who would come out to fix this mess.


yeah right..hire college kids to do a complex painting job that includes lead removal ! !

hilarious , let me guess, you thought painting was something any Jose standing around a home depot can do ?? :grin , yeah , college kids have the right stuff, it is just painting right? you should have hire a real professional, with years of experience. not a bunch of kids , with Zero and and manager that is rarely there .

. . College kids for moving? maybe?

complex paint job on your house? . . .you are an ***.

blame yourself !

laughing hard ..har har har har . ..


@zach not sure whare you're based out of bu wisely wang is a deutsche for how he gave a very talented and ethical painter -chief a resounding your fired for not compromising his pride in his trade for a bonus check for beating budget.. yet another complaint against your company.. :sigh



I was a college works manager and sometimes this type of thing is a hard internship and u have to be on every aspect of your game to do well at it. Some people just don't have it in them. I'm sorry this happened to you.


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